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High quality on-air weather forecasts without the high price

NowCast Weather supplies three (3) high-quality audio and text forecasts a day, either through email or through our FTP server straight into your station's system. We also supply watches and warnings updates from the National Weather Service within minutes of issuance free of charge. Click on 'Services' at the top of the page to learn more. 

Not only does NowCast Weather supply superior weather products we do it at one of the lowest prices in the industry. Click on 'Price and Contacts' at the top of the page to find out how low. 

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About Us

Formed in 1997, NowCast Weather is a group of seventeen seasoned meteorologists with over 250 years of forecasting experience. For nearly 20 years NowCast Weather has been providing high quality, dependable weather forecasts for nearly 30 cities across the U.S. on the Verizon Weather Lines. In 2016 NowCast Weather expanded its services to provide the most up to date and accurate on-air weather products for radio stations across the US and broadcast on 58 radio stations, covering 34 states. More than 44 million people a day across North America can hear our forecasts.